These Mesmerizing Illustrations Would Look Lovely In Your Home

Maya Goracinska is an artist based in Belgrade, Serbia whose abstract and gentle illustrations left us breathless and we are happy to share them with you.  

Since childhood, Maya had a thing for visual art and illustration was a method of communication that suited her best, even at an early age. Later, her professional path was adventurous. Technique and projecting have paved Maya’s way of becoming an artist.  

She studied architecture in Belgrade and mastered constructions in Milan, where she also worked as an architect. But this profession that seeks such perfection didn’t seem to be enough for her, so she began experimenting with AAA video games. Today, she is developing her artistic skills in the fields of 3D design, interior design, and modeling, but she also stayed loyal to illustration, where she heals herself from perfectionist demands of her architectural vocation.  

Her drawings are usually abstract, with some repetitive motifs such as nature, geometry and female bodies. Watercolor technique is often seen on her work, as well as playing with lines and geometry to create an illusion of abstraction, where there are in fact, very concrete figures.  

If you look at some of her landscapes, you may find yourself lost in the view, relaxed, with a slight tiding of melancholy.