Bente van de Wouw Wants You to Start Liking Yourself Better

Bentre van de Mouw is a freelance journalist who loves to draw, and she’s out on a mission to help you start liking yourself more.

On her Instagram account, you can find pleasing illustrations with pastel backgrounds, stylish clothes, and most importantly — empowering messages of self-love and acceptance.

“I will give you a few tips to love yourself a bit more,” says the Dutch artist on her Instagram. “It’s not easy and it takes time, but that’s okay. […]  there are tips to make it easier for yourself.” 

Some of van de Wouw’s tips include: “It’s okay to make mistakes,” “Rest when you need to,” “Yeah, you’re cute, but are you good for my mental health?” and “All bodies deserve to be treated with respect because they hold human beings. That’s it. No exceptions.”

“I think it’s important we learn to love ourselves a bit more, and because of society it’s not always easy,” explains van de Wouw. “I myself follow lots of accounts just like mine and it makes me really happy, so that’s why I started one as well.”

Check out more her illustrations below: