These Paintings Glow in the Dark

Painting has thrived and evolved over the years. There are lots of painting styles and types, making this field a broad field that has accommodated lots of painters.

We have varieties of paintings such as oil painting, watercolor painting, pastel painting, acrylic painting, digital painting, enamel painting, drip painting, panel painting, velvet painting, and much more.

Despite having so many painters all over the world, some go beyond the usual, to do something new and creative. One of such people is Crisco Art.

Crisco Art, as he is known on Instagram, is an account belonging to a painting business. Crisco Art produces amazing paintings as every good artist does, but far more than this is the fact they added a unique touch – the glow. They produce paintings which are not just beautiful but can glow in the dark. That is just so amazing. Imagine you walking into a room and discovering that your artworks are producing light. You can see this in the images displayed below.

This is really exceptional.