These Paper Cut Shadow Boxes Are the Stuff of Dreams

Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker started experimenting with paper cut shadow boxes in 2010 and have since been hard at work. Known collectively as Hari & Deepti, the artistic duo create intricate paper art that relies on light and shadows.

Each of their papercut works is assembled in a wooden box to create a diorama. The box is back-lit using flexible LED strip lights that light the papercut art from within, turning it into a work of magic.

“What amazes us about the paper cut light boxes is the dichotomy of the piece in its lit and unlit state, the contrast is so stark that it has this mystical effect on the viewers,” write the artists on their website.

“Paper is brutal in its simplicity as a medium,” they add. “It demands the attention of the artist while it provides the softness they need to mold it into something beautiful. It is playful, light, colorless and colorful. It is minimal and intricate. It reflects light, creates depth and illusions in a way that it takes the artist through a journey with limitless possibilities.”

Peek inside their delightful works of art: