These Portraits Are Part-Photographs, Part-Sculptures

Portraits can be made using different techniques, from painting through photographing and sculpting. But have you ever heard of paper sculpture portraits?

Alma Haser’s photographs add another dimension to two-dimensional portraits, using paper-folding techniques, collages, and mixed media. Born into an artistic family in the Black Forest in Germany, she was immersed in art from an early age.

“My father is a painter and sculptor and my mother, when we were living in Germany, was doing pottery, but has moved on to first mixed media and then photography, which inspired me I think,” she shared with Plastik Magazine.

Now based in London, she admits that her interest with photography begun when she was a little girl. “My first ever camera was a Box Brownie, which I was given when I was about seven,” she shared. “I used to set up scenes with my dolls and photograph them. And at this point, my mother was doing photography and had a darkroom, which I found extremely interesting, and used to develop my own pictures.”

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