These Amazing Paintings Glow in the Dark to Reveal Hidden Secrets

We’ve already introduced you to Vivien Szaniszlo, an artist known for her surreal paintings with distinctive vibrant colors. Two years ago, Szaniszlo caught our attention with her Zodiac series that featured some surreal portraits of women. Now she’s back with another series that is nothing short of magic.

Her new series of paintings actually glow in the dark, with mesmerizing results. Szaniszlo explained that this time her focus was on spirituality.

“I really believe that we are more than just our body, material and mortal casing. I wanted to capture powers, some miracles in every piece. I have hidden little secrets in them, what we can see only in the dark,” says Szaniszlo. “These paintings don’t need UV light, they need only sunlight or strong artificial light to glow for long hours in darkness, as you see in my pictures.”

Just like in her previous paintings, Szaniszlo blurred the lines between life and death, reality and fiction. You’ll notice that the meaning behind the paintings changes depending on the light. Szaniszlo explained that the paintings have hidden secrets to tell in the darkness.

Take a look at her surreal creations.