Thibaud Herem Draws Buildings Brick by Brick

Thibaud Herem fine-line illustrations are painstakingly detailed. Working with pencil and Indian inks, the French-born, London-based, illustrator specializes in architectural drawings, created with an incredible level of hand-drawn detail.

Origianlly trained to be a graphic designer, it was Herem’s first illustrated book Know Your Rodent, that drove him to further develop his skill. Now working full time as a freelance illustrator, his creations are followed by thousands of fans on Instagram.

“I always wanted to be on the illustration side of things rather than the design side,” he told Uncube Magazine. “I’m very interested in the aesthetic aspect of architecture and I find that graphic design allows me to learn about this through the construction of images of buildings. In this way I learn about the history of buildings too.”

“Drawing a building brick by brick allows me to understand its structure and composition much better,” he went on to explain. “The tiniest details are uncovered and the personality of the building itself is also revealed through this process, which is a very lengthy and slow one. During this, I tend to let my mind roam free and often imagine a building’s construction process, trying to picture how many people worked on it, how long it took, the different type of skills they must have had – and then try to produce a drawing in respect to these thoughts.”

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