This Account is Dedicated to Posting Only Plane Food

Travelling the world eating airline food,” this is what Inflight Feed is all about. It features a blog of the inflight meal experiences of Nik Loukas on his various trips around the world.

Having spent the last 15 years in the travel and airline industry, Loukas created the website to provide passengers with airline food information on over 150 airlines worldwide. The website features industry news, information on food options for different airlines, and in-depth reviews on individual meals. You can even find travel deals and tools that might interest you.

In addition to managing his website, Loukas is a regular speaker at industry events and works as a freelance journalist for CNN, Yahoo Travel, Onboard Hospitality, South China Morning Post, and many others. He’s also been featured on TV shows and networks worldwide including CNN, Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, Travel and Leisure, and QZ.

Today, hundreds of thousands visit his website and his Instagram account has amassed over 28k followers. His documentary titled The Inflight Food Trip is set to be released this year. So if you’re a frequent flier, you may want to check this out.