This Artist Intends to do Finger Painting for “Next 60+ Years”

Iris Scott started with finger painting when she was 26 and fell in love with the technique so much that she wants to do this for the “next 60+ years.” According to her website, Scott intends to continue creating art this way until she’s “completely blind or unable to move my hand across a canvas.”

Everything started in 2009 when Scott was on a trip through Taiwan. She wanted to make a painting but realized she has no clean brushes left. In order to avoid losing the moment of inspiration, this New Mexico-based artist opted to use her fingers. And it turned out to be a life-changing decision.

Since then, Scott has spent tens of thousands of hours honing her skills and produced several hundred paintings. Her art also captured the eye of art critics and media, who are talking about her works in superlatives.

Scott draws inspiration from nature while creating colorful works that carry the feel of dream sequences and fantasy worlds.

“I believe the era of excluding animals, landscapes, and plants from high art is fading, and it’s being replaced by a more environmentally-conscious art world,” says Scott.

You can check out more of her finger paintings below.