This Cartoon Museum Displays Original British Art From Past To Present

The Cartoon Museum is a museum for British cartoons, caricatures, comic strips, and animation. Located in London, UK, it has a library of over 5,000 books and 4,000 comics.

“It is dedicated to preserving the best of British cartoons, caricatures, comics and animation, and to establishing a museum with a gallery, archives and innovative exhibitions to make the creativity of cartoon art past and present, accessible to all for the purposes of education, research and enjoyment,” according to the museum’s statement.

The Museum also offers workshops that encourage young people to explore their creativity and be inspired by the wide selection of cartoons and comic pages. Their Learning Program can be customized to suit all ages and levels of ability and the workshops are taught by professional artists and writers.

Their latest exhibitions, Comic Creators, the Famous and the Forgotten and The Cartoon Museum – Drawing Life, opened July 1, 2019. Comic Creators, curated by Steve Marchant, celebrates the world of comics. It runs through September 30, 2019. Drawing Life, curated by Steve Bell, showcases the very best of the Cartoon Museums collection of cartoon art. It will be open to the public until the end of this year.