This Croatian Illustrator Has Lots of Empowering Female Characters

Colorful, playful, adventurous and starring a strong female lead — these are the qualities that make Maja Tomljanovic’s illustrations stand out. 

The Croatian artist’s Instagram page is full of illustrations depicting her heroines out and about. Her female leads come in a variety of body-types and hair-styles, but they’re all strong, stylish, and incredibly charismatic. 

“The way [Instagram] is built, it can be a bit soul-destroying to be posting things you’ve put so much heart and soul into, for people to just scroll right by,” she said to Illustration Society. “I’m trying to make stuff that would engage people. To try and use it in a positive way – to tell stories, make people laugh or communicate something more than just the aesthetic.”

Tomljanovic is just as open to adventure as her characters. On her website she encourages potential customers to hit her up with any “commission, project or idea” that they would like her help with. She also encourages visitors to “drop a line” so they can “create something fun together!”

Regarding her Instagram habits, Tomljanovic said: “In the start, I post every day, but now I don’t. I think it’s better to post fewer updates with great content than a larger volume that aren’t going to capture the interest of my followers.”

Quality over quantity — we love it!