This Dark Humor Webcomic Embraces Nihilism

J. L. Westover created “Mr. Lovestein” about a decade ago, and the dark humor of the comic has been growing in popularity across the internet. The thing about this hilarious comic is that it’s kind of saying: as dark as it gets, it’s so funny, because it’s so silly, we’re all going through this, alright?

In fact, Westover has expressed that he likes exploring suffering to find out what’s funny about it. What’s funny about cringing, bad movies, or desperate situations? Westover knows just how absurd life is, and his dark, absurd sense of humor is ideal.

“Mr. Lovestein” often touches on heavy topics from everyday life, from lack of professional satisfaction to depression, loneliness, obsessiveness, compulsion… things we all basically deal with in some capacity or another. The cool thing about Westover’s approach is that the nihilism of it all, the pointlessness and absurdity, are filtered through smart little funny scenarios that make it feel OK. Like death arriving an hour early by mistake to claim your life (daylight savings time), and then having a sit down next to you under a tree, to kill that one hour. And really, with all the silly nothing going on, what better way to spend your last hour on earth?

Check out his comic below: