This Cartoonist Draws Comic Stips of Your Deepest Fears

Do you ever worry that you will one day wake up a few inches tall, and get eaten by your own cat? Do you ever fear that if you pull the chain to turn off the fan, the fan will come loose, keep spinning downwards, and shred you to pieces, all the way down? Or are you too afraid to open your eyes underwater, because you think they will dissolve? No?

Well, someone out there does have these particular fears. In fact, we all have strange fears deep down, whether we like to admit it or not. In any case, imagine if your deep, dark fears came to life… well, not really to life, but in the form of illustrations. Would they become any less frightening?

“Deep Dark Fears” is one of the most inventive and interesting concept comics, which explores strange and irrational fears, and puts them on paper to see if in that way, they have become any less frightening. Fran Krause, the creator of the comic, has brought the fears of hundreds of fans to life through these illustrations. Fans can easily submit their fears to Krause, if they want to see them drawn.

Scroll down for some frightenin’: