This Giant Potato Is Actually a Hotel

Airbnb offers some of the craziest rentals where you can spend a night, starting with hobbit houses, balloon hotels high up on the mountain, sleeping in a plane and more.

There aren’t too many things in the world that can surprise us right now, but this giant potato hotel is definitely something we didn’t expect. Located in Idaho, the potato was once used to promote the props of the state.

Kristie Wolfe is the brave lady who transformed it into a very cozy Airbnb rental. The moment she found out the potato will not be used as an attraction anymore she thought: here’s my chance! “I called dibs on it immediately,” she recalled. “I had already been sketching it. It was going to live in my backyard, and I was going to make it into a rental.”

If you are ever heading to Idaho, we have a great idea where you can spend your stay.

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Perfect rainbow over the tater this evening 🌈

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