Have You Ever Seen a Walking Starfish? Prepare to Be Amazed

The video below shows a Starfish that was brought ashore by tidal waves. From the scene here, we see the Starfish with numerous tiny structures underneath it, with which it moves on the ground. The average Starfish moves slowly on the ground covering about 15cm per minute.

There are different fascinating things about Starfish, one of which is how these creatures see. Starfishes don’t have the human type of eyes; rather they have structures referred to as eyespots. These eyespots are what they use in seeing.

Take a closer look at the tip of its arm; you’ll observe a tiny black spot; that is the eyespot. The number of eyespots each Starfish has is commensurate to the number of arms it has since they have one eyespot on each arm. The fact that they have one eyespot on each arm, gives them an advantage of seeing all around them.