Artist Draws the ABC Based On Rappers

Image via theandyshop/Instagram

The Rap ABC is the latest project of a freelance illustrator and longtime rap fan called Andrew Morgan. This unusual ABC will help kids memorize the letters of the alphabet and learn about rap legends at the same time. Morgan isn’t only using his board book to educate kids about this music genre, but also to help collect money for youth music programs.

“Having grown up in NJ and Memphis in the ’80s and ’90s, I’ve always been an avid lover of rap so this project is especially important to me.” – he wrote on his official website. “And having seen what music can do for the kids I grew up with, I’m going to donate a portion of the profits from this book to youth music programs.”

On his Instagram profile called theandyshop you can see some of the ABCs illustrations.

Scroll down and enjoy Morgan’s work.