From Avocado Salad to Pork Carnitas: Step Inside Isabel’s Mexican Kitchen

Mexican food is more than just tacos. But in order to understand its complexity and richness, you must step inside food blogger Isabel Orozco-Moore’s kitchen first.

“It’s full of rich flavors that are as diverse as the country itself,” said Orozco-Moore in an interview with National Geographic. Based in Oklahoma City, Orozco-Moore is a first-generation Mexican-American and grew up eating authentic home-cooked Mexican meals every day.

One of her fondest memories is of her mother’s enchiladas: “My mom’s red enchiladas will always have a special place in my heart,” she gushed.

She explained that the sauce is made with a blend of guajillo, ancho and arbol chilies, and a small piece of Mexican chocolate. “No fancy stuffing either,” she says, “just a handful of Mexican cheese and diced onions.”

Fully committed to the Mexican kitchen, Orozco-Moore shares her recipes with a growing number of followers online, bridging the gap between Mexican and American food cultures. Some recent recipes on her blog, Isabel Eats, include Mexican stuffed peppers and a healthy avocado salad.

Moreover, her Instagram page—filled with recipes, videos, and appetizing photos—has got us drooling!