This Instagram Page is Heaven for Coffee Cup Art Lovers

You no longer need a canvas to create amazing works of art, and many artists are utilizing all sorts of different objects as a creative outlet – including coffee cups. They can be found all around the world, and one Instagram page is collecting them in one place.

Coffee Cups of the World posts photos of amazing coffee cups found across the globe, and it has 90,000 followers and counting. The beautifully designed cups come from every corner of the globe, and you can easily share the ones you like.

Henry Hargreaves, who started this page, is encouraging people to send him photos of the cups they liked so he could share them with the rest of the world. His recommendation is to shoot the photos straight on, on a plain background, so they would perfectly fit with the rest of the content on his page.

This page really gives you an insight into how much effort graphic designers put into creating coffee cups you’d want to hold on to even after drinking your beverage. Despite the fact they all live on different sides of the world, that’s one thing that binds them all together.