This Man Decided To Transform Himself Into Birds During Lockdown

Have you ever wondered what you get when you combine colorful birds and makeup? Probably not, but we will still tell you the funny secret: the answer is The Pansy Project—a makeup look inspired by drawn birds.

According to Paul Harfleet, the founder of the project, the idea to make a compilation of drawn feathered friends began in April 2020 when the lockdown was announced.

“As I sat in my apartment overlooking a clearer, quieter London skyline, I noticed the birds more than ever and my passion for ornithology re-emerged,” the artist shared on Bored Panda and added that he began drawing birds he could see from his window.

To promote his work on social media, he came up with a fantastic idea; he began dressing up like his feathered friends. “These humorous and light-hearted shoots used my own wardrobe and makeup skills and became an intrinsic component of a project that has become known as Birds Can Fly,” he added.

If you are interested to see a real-life “birdman” check out the gallery below. Which look is your favorite?