Katja Presnal Will Teach You the Benefits of the Nordic Lifestyle

Nordic countries are known for their easy-going and open-minded, people, scoring the top 5 list of the “World Happiness Report 2020”. But Nordic countries are also at the top of international surveys when it comes to creativity and innovation power, as well as eco-friendliness.

So it’s easy to see why the Nordic lifestyle has caught on over the past decade, becoming somewhat of a trend. According to Katja Presnal, adopting a Nordic lifestyle means having the guts to go after your dreams while enjoying life now.

The owner and founder of Skimbaco lifestyle brand and editor-in-chief of Skimbaco Lifestyle online magazine, Presnal aims to share the secrets to the Nordics success. Her Instagram – minimalistic, green, and optimistic – is filled with the Nordic spirit, with quotes and photos dedicated to living life to the fullest. Her accompanying online magazine, on the other hand, includes more in-depth recommendations spanning lifestyle and travel.

Based in Finland, Presnal adheres to the Finnish concept of “Everyman’s Right”, explaining that in Finland all are welcome to enjoy also the fruit of the green lush forests. “Everyone has a right to pick up berries and mushrooms from the forests and enjoy the nature,” she writes on her website.

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