This Mom Turns Her Son’s Meals Into Art

As many parents know, getting a kid to eat healthily is no easy feat. For some reason, most children react to healthy, balanced meals as if it were poison.

Laleh Mohemdi, a mom from Melbourne, Australia, was facing this exact problem with her son Jacob. But instead of giving up on the healthy food, she came up with a new, creative plan: Instead of just putting the food on the plate, she decided to turn it into a game. Before serving him his spelt pancake, she decorated in the shape of a lion.

Jacob loved it, and Laleh stuck with the new routine: Jacob’s meals became a creative playtime for mother and son.

Laleh wanted to share her new found passion with others, so she launched Jacob’s Food Diaries and started documenting and sharing her creation on social media. She immediately gained a huge following of both foodies and art lovers who were mesmerized by her creativity and talent.

Today, four years after that first lion-shaped pancake, Laleh still plays with her food and creates new food art. No two plates are the same, and in each one Laleh has to combine all the meals ingredients into the painting, and still keep it tasty – a challenge she always overcomes.