This Mural Expert And Graffiti Writer Creates 3D Art And His Work is Insane

Image via insane51/Instagram

Stathis Tsavalias, also known as Insane51, is a 26-year old Greek mural expert and a graffiti writer.

However, this young fella isn’t an ordinary artist who plays around with a can of spray and scribbles on walls. He creates extraordinary 3D art called Double Exposure 3D piece on a wall that will definitely astound many of you.

His secret lies in 3D lenses and led light. Stathis, who studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts, took part in several art exhibitions, graffiti festivals. He painted a canvas for the Biggest Street Art museum in Europe called StreetArtToday, which is located in Amsterdam.

Check out his astonishing work below.