This Paper Artist Has an Over-Active Imagination

    Lacy Barry eye-popping paper art is inspired by color and shapes. Originally from the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada and currently based in Berlin, Germany, Barry had taught herself most of what she knows.

    “Without so much experience in paper, but previous set experience, graphic design education, and some hard-earned business acumen, I took to it like a fish to water,” she told Bravery Training. “It wasn’t long until I was working with a fleet of photographers and directors in the inner circles of Montreal and eventually New York.”

    Her work spans from visual art installations, set designs, props, and paper illustrations to live installations, window displays, music videos, commercials, and even apparel. And judging by her Instagram page, her creativity knows no bounds.

    Growing up, Barry admits to having an “over-active imagination”, making for an intrinsic need to artistically express herself. “My family was relocating to a smaller town in the Albertan countryside and I took up work apprenticing my dad, a sign-painter & artist who hand-lettered signs for film sets & businesses,” she recalled, talking about her creative journey. “My tasks included cleaning brushes and fetching 8 cups of coffee a day until I was skilled enough hold a quill and grace it like a pro. Taking on some sign-painting gigs on my own, I scraped together enough to enroll in a graphic design course and a part-time business class.”

    Her hard work seems to have paid off. Take a look at some of her artistic feats in the gallery below: