An Artistic Duo Makes Breathtaking Images Of Frozen Flowers

Nature has often been the subject of human interest when we talk about art, and flowers and floral designs are some of the most common things we use for decoration. Because of their captivating look, artists have always enjoyed painting and photographing natural elements, and they will always do. 

In order to preserve flowers, people sometimes dry them or create herbariums. But there’s another thing you can do to make a flower last: freeze it, and it will keep its original fresh look. 

Two artists from Cape Town, commercial photographer Bruce Boyd, and artist Tharien Smith, collaborated on a project that includes creating and photographing frozen flowers, called “0˚C”. The collaboration began four years ago when Boyd was looking for a new and original way to capture flowers. He discovered Japanese artist Makoto Azuma, whose work inspired him and Smith to experiment with frozen flowers, and it was a hit! 

The prints are for sale on their website and the design looks amazing. Ice gives images a bit of a white reflection, which looks mesmerizing over flowers in gentle colors such as bright pink or blue and makes them appear as if painted. Here are some samples of their work that we figured you’d like. Enjoy!