This Paper Artist Makes Realistic Animals and Insects

Tina Kraus is a freelance illustrator and paper artist who currently lives in Münster, Germany. Her paper artwork includes pop-up books, paper toys, and paper crepe art. She also creates illustrations on children’s books, editorials, pattern designs, non-fiction, and gift books.

Two years ago, Kraus began making paper sculptures with fine crepe paper. She started by creating traditional flowers, then insects and geckos.

“I was curious what else I could do with it. So I made a not-so-traditional plant, the Venus flytrap. I had a lot of fun with the details!” she wrote on Bored Panda. “Next, I tried to make insects, even though the insects I chose are not too far from plants since they are disguised as flowers or sticks. After that, I challenged myself to make a gecko, and I was quite happy with how it turned out.”

Kraus draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and she tries to make her paper sculptures as realistic as possible.

Check out her lifelike paper creations below.