This TikToker’s Gym Mystery Even Got Author John Green Intrigued

Imagine being involved in a mystery so entertaining that even the New York Times best-selling author John Green is intrigued by it. Well, TikTok user @katherout doesn’t have to imagine because that is exactly what happened to her.

Last week, @katherout shared a video on her TikTok that detailed her attempt to uncover a “little mystery” happening in her gym. According to TikToker, there is a whiteboard in her gym that allows gymgoers to write messages on topics provided by the gym staff. They range from favorite songs to questions like “If you were a potato, how would you be prepared?”

Going through answers on the whiteboard, @katherout noticed that someone was always writing the word “MONKE” no matter what the topic was.

“This is very amusing to me because I’m very attracted to commitment to the bit,” she explained in the video.

The TikToker then decided to embark on a mission to discover the identity of the “MONKE” person. She tried to get the individual to reveal themselves via whiteboard message and even left a note with her number on the gym’s front desk.


my life is very whimsical and fantastical becaise i make it that way by engaging in these sorts or charades #crush #gym #gymtok #dating #truecrime #mystery

♬ original sound – katherine

While she still didn’t solve the mystery, @katherout managed to amuse the internet with her quest. The original video was viewed by more than 16 million people and attracted thousands of comments, including one from John Green, writer of novels Looking for Alaska and The Fault is in Our Stars.

“This is a great American drama. I am highly invested,” wrote Green via his TikTok profile @literallyjohngreen and encouraged @katherout to keep on with her quest.


Replying to @literallyjohngreen life is stranger than fiction etc #mysterymonkegymgoer

♬ original sound – katherine

Since then, @katherout issued a second update on the mystery, revealing that her message to the “MONKE” person has been erased from the whiteboard. This adds another layer to the mystery and makes us even more invested in it. How about you?