This Typography Artist Works with the Best of the Best

Alexis Taïeb, aka Tyrsa, knows a thing or two about the written word. A true virtuoso when it comes to typography, his work includes collaborations with the biggest brands in the industry, including Netflix, McDonald’s, Nike, and Apple. Recent works also include collaborations with celebrities like Donald Glover and FKA twigs.

But a long time before his career took off, Taïeb took to the streets. In fact, it was actually his love for graffiti that would eventually blossom into a career in typography. “I started in graffiti and moved into typography, so I brought that street style and energy into my work in a way that seems to connect with people,” he explained in an interview with Creative Bloq.

“But of course, I know that I’m not the only person who’s followed this path. So I think one thing that helps make my work distinctive and different is that it’s underpinned by a proper understanding of the fundamental principles of typography, which I taught myself.”

“My parents were very unhappy with me doing graffiti originally,” says Taïeb, “so every day I feel blessed that I can work as a designer and keep creating cool new things.” After transitioning from graffiti to graphic design he now works exclusively on typography projects, making anything from murals and posters to installations.

If you’re a typography fan, you’d want to take a closer look.