The Quirky Digital Artwork of Santi Zoraidez

Art director and designer Santi Zoraidez creates digital illustrations that are unique as they are strange. His creative blend of abstract and surreal concepts makes him a true visionary, with the end result often performing as an imaginative landscape that strikes the viewer.

“I like to see how shapes and objects interact with each other, and how I can use the way that they look to communicate an idea,” explained Zoraidez in an interview with Grafik. “Whether in motion or as still image, this is the way I approach a project.”

With almost 70,000 followers and clients like Apple, Nike and Ikea, his colorful explorations have clearly registered with other people. With a passion for interior design and architecture, alongside graphic design and art installations, his work has both an artistic and commercial appeal.

“I always try to mix these different influences within my own work,” he shares. “There is something interesting to me about the compositions I can create and the way that shapes interact with each other, together with a sense of space or volume, and referring mostly to real materials.”

On top of his passion for design, his work also has an element of humor in it that add to an overall sense of quirky surrealism. Show him some love on Instagram.