This Woman Will Teach You How to Perfectly Wrap Your Christmas Gifts

There are two kinds of people: those who love gift wrapping, and those who hate it. Jackie is a young Taiwanese girl who belongs to the first category; she is very talented and creatively wraps gifts.

She decided to show off her artistic skills to the world by posting a DIY video. And since then, her hobby became her main job. On her YouTube channel called Qidaoyu, she has attracted more than 226K subscribers and has over 11.6 million views.

And with Christmas being right around the corner, Jackie is very busy recording DIY gift wrapping tutorials. In one of her last videos, she showed her audience how to make a Christmas bell origami. Jackie used wrapping paper, scissors, a bone folder, double-side tape, hot glue gun.

She started the process by measuring the paper, later she began folding the paper and wrapping the gift. Then, with her skilled fingers, she created the Christmas bell, the leaf, and finally the Christmas fruit. The whole DIY wrapping took around 10 minutes to finish.

If you are interested to see her creations, check out the videos below.