Baking 101: Sally McKenney Will Teach You the Secret to Baking

While traveling plunged to an all-time low, 2020 has seen a steady rise in baking. “This year hasn’t been easy, but I know that baking has brought a sliver of joy to many individuals and families,” baking guru Sally McKenney recently wrote on Instagram. “I’m truly honored that my recipes have been part of your lives this year.”

With some 600k fans on Instagram alone, McKenney has introduced plenty of people to the art – and science – of baking. The three time’s best-selling cookbook author and creator of Sally’s Baking Addiction blog, McKenney offers from-scratch recipes, kitchen tips, lessons on baking basics, step-by-step photos, and video tutorials – so you know you’re covered.

Having launched her website in 2011, what started out as a personal blog and an easy way to share baking recipes with friends and family would outgrow its humble beginnings. The self-taught baker would soon learn that her recipes had an audience, and after only a year and a half of running her blog, she quit her full-time job to make room for her growing business.

According to McKenney, her favorite flavor to bake with is actually pumpkin. “I eat it all year round,” she told Bakepedia, “but we are coming into the season where people look for it … pies, breads, all kinds of desserts with pumpkin! And apple pie is my very favorite dessert, so you can look forward to variations of that.”

Indeed, her most popular recipe this time of year is, unsurprisingly, The Great Pumpkin Pie Recipe. Scroll down to see more of her mouthwatering deserts.