Thor the Bengal is Mesmerizing Instagram with His Beautiful Fur

Many cat owners can’t resist starting Instagram pages for their furry companions and some of them truly deserve a chance to shine in the spotlight. That’s the case with Thor the Bengal, one of the most purrfect and unique cats we’ve ever seen.

Rani Cucicov welcomed Thor into her home back in 2013, and she doesn’t describe herself as his owner, but rather his servant. He definitely isn’t an ordinary house cat and some of his quirks are pretty unusual, just like his gorgeous spotted fur.

Thor is a Bengal cat, a crossbreed between an ordinary house cat and an Asian leopard cat. Since it hails from one wild parent, Thor and other cats of this breed still have some wildcat DNA in them, which is the main reason why they have many unique and quirky character traits.

According to Cucicov, Thor’s favorite hobbies are chasing flies, eating shrimp, climbing the walls just before sleep, and making a lot of noise when he’s craving attention. His fur is so unusual that some people even accused Cucicov of Photoshopping him to look like a tiger, but she told HuffPost that she finds these claims funny because Thor is 100% real.