Amaro Macarons are Mixing Two Amazing Desserts Into One

There are so many Instagram accounts dedicated to macarons right now that it’s not easy to stand out in the crowd and come up with something unique. Amaro Macarons is managing to defy expectations with their viral macaron-decorated fluffy cakes.

Passionate food lover Fernanda, who founded this brand in 2012, inherited her passion for cooking from her mom and grandma. She kicked off her macaron journey by using Ladurée’s signature recipe but changed it many times before finally perfecting her own.

Her macarons have an amazing texture and exclusive fillings, but that’s not the only reason why they found viral fame. Fernanda sells macarons separately, but her fluffy, pastel-colored cakes decorated with this French pastry are becoming Amaro Macarons’ signature product.

These creations often combine two of Instagram’s biggest dessert trends—macarons and number and alphabet cakes. Cakes in the form of numbers and letters are perfect for birthdays and other celebrations and they’re no longer only being decorated with chocolate and fruits. Fernanda is also using macarons as a topping and creating some of the most extravagant number cakes out there.