Unique Facial Sculptures Created From Paper by Polly Verity

Polly Verity is a paper artist who is using the incredible versatility of this material to create unique and inspiring artworks. Verity is able to create expressive facial sculptures only by twisting and bending blanks sheets of watercolor paper.

The artist has been creating amazing paper sculptures for the last 15 years, but only recently she decided to move from clean geometrical shapes to something more complex. Years of curved folding paper have paid off and Verity is now able to create sculptures of kissing figures or faces smoking a cigarette.

“I tried to fold along the profile of a face, and I realized that I could tweak the paper on either side just very slightly and ease curves out to give volume and form,” the artist explained in an interview with Colossal.

“When I tried the same technique in watercolor paper, I suddenly had micro-control over the resulting curved forms and they became soft and sensual.”

Take a look at Verity’s unique paper creations in the photos below and make sure to keep up with her work on Instagram.