The Playful Illustrations of Gosia Herba

“I would like to tell you how great the life of an illustrator really is,” illustrator Gosia Herba observed once in an interview with Sense of Creativity. “Every day brings new adventures,” she explained. “Even during very busy periods, it’s like a pleasant play. I draw and laugh mostly. It’s so much fun.”

Indeed, judging by her Instagram page, it seems like Herba is having a grand old time. Her illustrations – bold, naive, and relatively simple – appeal to both children and adults, which might explain why she has fans from all age groups. Her work includes both children’s books and graphic novels, personal work and commercial projects. In other words: she does it all.

Her inspiration is also varied and includes Gothic painting, Medieval sacral sculptures, Japanese prints, and contemporary comic art. “I aim to create colorful, bold compositions based on geometrization and simplification of forms,” says Herba. “I read a lot of stories about humans, their rituals and practices which are often weird and funny,” she later added. “So I guess human culture is my greatest source of inspiration.”

She’s also very much drawn to the color blue. “It has a great potential,” she reflects. “I like to oppose bluish tones with other colors. Each combination gives a different mood.” Here are some of her more recent creations.