Urban Artist Recycles old Mattresses By Turning Them Into Food Sculptures

Art can be created by anything if you think outside the box. Lor-K is proving this point by transforming old and abandoned mattresses into delicious looking meals and snacks. It can’t be used as a mattress anymore, but you can feed your eyes with its beauty.

For over eight years, Lor-K, a French urban street artist, has been using people’s unwanted waste to create urban sculptures. She started a new campaign tagged “Eat Me” where she created giant food-sculptures using discarded mattresses she found on the streets.

To create these beautiful masterpieces, the artist improvises with all the items she can find. She carves and then paints them and leaves them where she found them. This time, in a beautiful form.

We went through her Instagram page and found some of her best work below. Do they look convincing enough?