Find Out the Skiing Stereotype You Fall Under

The guys from ‘Dude Perfect’ continue exploring the funny side of stereotypes. This time, as part of their ongoing “Stereotypes” comedy series, Coby C., Cory, Garrett, Cody J., and Tyler headed to the mountain and presented the most common skiing stereotypes.

It is easy to relate with some of the stereotypes as they are not just hilarious but also on point. For example, anyone who doesn’t know to ski will see recognize themselves as “The Noob” who can’t stay on the skis and always messes something up. Then there are “The Chairlift Hecklers” who love to tease people while driving to the top of the mountain and “Do It for the Gram” people who spend the entire day trying to get the best pic to post on Instagram.

Don’t worry, the ancient battle of skiers vs. snowboarders is also in the video.

Check out the clip below and find out the skiing stereotype you fall under.