Urban Sketcher Paul Heaston Will Amaze You With His Perspective Drawings

Paul Heaston is an artist, urban sketcher, and a family guy coming from Denver, USA. He found his life’s passion in urban sketching, and he depicts his everyday life in a notebook that he carries with him everywhere he goes.

Paul is what some would call an educated artist. He obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts diploma from the University of Texas in San Antonio and later received a master’s degree in painting from the University of Montana. After spending a semester in Italy, Heaston switched to sketching for good.  

Heaston’s drawings provoke sudden intrigue and excitement, as he draws the very things he sees in front of him. He does not miss a chance to take out his pen and notebook and start the magic. He spends a lot of time every day portraying his children, wife, and friends in everyday situations. But that’s not all! You won’t see this guy losing time scrolling on his phone when waiting in line, commuting or traveling by plane. If he’s bored, he’ll show you how bored he is by drawing a sketch!  

Take a minute of your time to admire this amazing artist’s work!