Dutch Artist Blends Reality With Imagination

Marcel van Luit was a social worker, aspiring to become a teacher when suddenly he got sick; that is when his artistic journey began. Nowadays, he is a contemporary artist who blends reality with imaginary environments.

“I transform my dreams into pieces of art,” he wrote on his personal website. “My biggest inspiration is my own imagination and my children. I love to mix illusion with reality to create completely new worlds. Worlds where I love my two boys to be in. Worlds where I want to escape to myself when life gets too busy.”

In his creations, Luit is best-known for playing with darkness and light. “When you use your imagination, anything is possible. I love to play with darkness and light. I believe they go hand in hand,” he added. “Just like in real life, the good and the bad can go hand in hand and from darkness can come light. My work is about hope. They are life lessons to my sons. Messages of love and trust. Anything is possible, you just have to believe in it.”

Scroll down and take a look at his masterpieces below.