Visual Artist Makes Eccentric Animations

Extraweg is the artistic name of Oliver Latta, an unusual and eccentric artist who designs 3D animations of human body parts that are though-provoking and mind-bending. He lives in Berlin and works as a 3D art director, artist and motion designer.

In 2017 his animations went viral on Instagram and he opened a creative studio where he develops graphics and does design for his commercial clients. Latta says on his website that this strange name is made from terms “extra” meaning “more than what is expected” and “weg”, meaning a road or a path. For him, Extraweg means “provocation, nonconformity, risk, and attitude,”

Latta studied Design at Bauhaus University and as an artist, he gets inspired by everyday situations. He plays with them in a way that is uncertain, eccentric and indeterminate. Some of his animations may seem a bit brutal and combined with the gentleness of pink color they just become paradoxical. Latta’s mission is to provoke sensations and emotions in the viewers, to force them to think for themselves.  

We chose five animations to show you, but if you like them, visit his Instagram page and tickle your imagination some more!