Add a Cosmic Twist to Your Face with Tattooed AstroFrecks

With face tattoos on the rise, the freckles tattoo trend seems harmless enough. And why not add a cosmic twist to your tired face, with Jessica Knapik’s AstroFrecks?

The Michigan-based cosmetic tattoo artist uses cosmetic tattooing to apply natural looking freckles in the shape of astrology signs constellations. “It’s a cute, personal, secret way to connect your sign and the universe to your body,” Knapik told Dazed & Confused Magazine. 

“I’m super into metaphysical things; astrology, crystals, setting your intentions, and I’ve been getting more into tarot,” she admitted. “Really all of it relies on moon phases, seasons, planet position, and kind of thanking the universe for the things you already have, while also asking for things you may need in your life. So around the end of 2017, late one night AstroFrecks popped into my head.”

To her surprise, the trend quickly caught on. “Truth be told, I thought for sure I would post my first AstroFrecks picture on Instagram and a bigger artist with more followers would snatch it up and copy it, and I’d be left in the dust. But by some interweb miracle Bustle found it in under 24 hours. The day after that it was in Cosmo Australia.

“All my clients are so diverse,” she said. “A lot of people love the astrology aspect, but I also get a lot of girls who want freckles because their moms or grandmas have them and they find them so beautiful but they naturally just never got them.”

Would you dare rock this trend?