Voglio Bene Puts an Alternative Touch on Old Art

Voglio Bene is an “artistic decoration brand” created by French street artist and photographer Benedicte Piccolillo. While the brand covers Piccolillo’s multiple artistic efforts, it is best known for her alternative interventions on old paintings.

Piccolillo had her beginnings as a photographer, working more than 10 years in the field. Over time, she began exploring digital art and was increasingly intrigued by the artistic potential that photo-editing software like Photoshop offers. Parallel to that, she also grew as a street artist.

At one point, Piccolillo decided to combine her love for contemporary art disciplines with her appreciation for the works of classical painters and artists.

With her newfound skills in photo-editing, she began altering the subjects of old art, giving them a more modern and alternative look. This included equipping them with tattoos, piercings, and colorful headwear.

According to Piccolillo, she mostly works on pieces from the Italian and Spanish Renaissance but isn’t strange to art from other eras.

Thanks to its unique take on old art, Voglio Bene quickly started getting recognition from not only art lovers but also notable art institutions. According to Piccolillo, she has been already approached by “French castles and museums” for collaborations.