Horror Movie Characters and Disney Mash-Up in the Works of Frank’s Kid

Disney is almost a synonym for animated content and home to some of the most memorable cartoon characters, including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck. Their cartoons are loved by generations, and there is hardly a person on the planet that doesn’t like them.

Still, there is one minor issue with Disney cartoons. They are mainly “feel-good” oriented and don’t have enough edge to them for Disney fans who also enjoy horrors.

Well, thanks to New York City-based “maker of cartoons, art, and obscure 80’s references” Mike Chiechi, also known as Frank’s Kid, that has now changed.

Being an avid fan of cartoons as well as the horror genre since early childhood, Chiechi recently came up with the idea to combine these two. He started recreating scenes from classical Mickey Mouse cartoons and adding iconic horror movie characters like Leatherface, Ash Williams, and Freddy Kruger to them.

While this might seem like an odd mix, the mash up actually works really well. You will have a whole new look at Mickey Mouse while also wondering why Disney isn’t producing horror cartoons already.

Check out more of horror Mickey by Frank’s Kid below.