Want to Get on the Baking Bandwagon? Start Here!

This past year, social media has been awash in people sharing their new—or rediscovered—hobbies during the pandemic. With most of us stuck at home, one particular hobby has been on the rise: baking. Because let’s face it, you can always trust your kitchen to comfort you in times of need.

But while cooking is usually fairly intuitive, baking is a whole other ballpark. And if you’re new to this hobby, you might need a helping hand. Here to help you out is pastry chef Ravneet Gill. According to Gill, literally everyone can bake.

While some people take to baking immediately, says Gill, others decide on a different, more technical approach: “The internet is full of resources to the point where you can troubleshoot any issue you may have,” shared the pastry chef in an interview with Whistles. “It’s obvious to say but practicing technique and always tasting your food will get you there.”

According to Gill, if you want to take the plunge and become a chef, spend a week or two in a kitchen you admire to get a feel for it. If nothing, her latest book, The Pastry Chef’s Guide: The secret to successful baking every time, might just convince you. The book includes the core principles of patisserie—anything from ingredients to lining your tins.

“It’s written in a way that will help you to understand the principles that underpin pastry and show you that… it’s just not that hard,” explained Gill in one Instagram post. “In it, you’ll find lots of base recipes for you to use as staples and theory on how to elevate them and make them your own.”

Roll up your sleeves!