Tuna the Chiweenie is Melting Our Hearts

Nothing brings us more joy than silly-looking pups, especially if those pups sport a cute overbite. We’re hardly alone with our fascination with derpy dogs. Case in point: Instagram megastar Tuna. A 10-year-old Chiweenie (a mix between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund), Tuna has so far amassed a following of 2 million strong and is obviously more famous than we’ll ever be.

Adopted in 2010 at a Farmers Market in LA when he was a four-month-old puppy, Tuna’s owner, Courtney Dasher, admits she never thought of her pup as a celebrity in the making. But only two years later, he skyrocketed to fame after Instagram featured a picture of him on their personal page.

“This unconventional-looking dog is being used to bring joy and make people happy,” Dasher shared in an interview with Vice. As it turns out, Tuna also helps others overcome their fears. “One woman showed up to a book signing who had agoraphobia—she hadn’t left her house in years,” Dasher recalled. “This woman got over her fear, just to meet Tuna!”

Making the case for adopt-don’t-shop, Tuna also lends a helping paw to others in need. Most recently he appeared in an Essential Edition calendar, honoring Essential/Key workers. According to his owner, a dollar of every sale, plus a portion of proceeds, went towards benefiting multiple rescue organizations.

Whatever you do, follow him on Instagram ASAP!