We Can’t Get Enough of Lindsey Hampton’s Ceramics

If there’s something that defines millennials (except for avocados) is their love for pastel colors. Add ceramics to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a trend. Lindsey Hampton’s pastel-colored ceramics were designed to be a huge hit, so it comes as no surprise that The New York Times crowned her as one of the people who are redefining the art of ceramics.

Trained originally as a graphic designer, Hampton switched careers after receiving a ceramics class as a Christmas gift from her parents. “It was a very organic accident, ending up here,” she told MONTECRISTO Magazine. But the rest was history.

Now, with more than 30 thousand followers on Instagram, her ceramics are slowly but surely taking over the world. “I think the pastels were kind of my compromise, my own internal compromise—just using pastels and light colors was how I was able to be okay with so much color,” she explained.

“I appreciate color, but I’m making things for someone else, sort of: someone who’s much bolder than me and loves having color in their home. Sometimes I make things that have a lot of color and I think, ‘Who would like this? Who is this for?’”

“I like the hard angles and sharp lines,” she added. “That’s another thing I don’t even think about—that’s just how I make things. It’s a tricky medium in which to be precise; it doesn’t want to be precise all the time, so it’s challenging.”

Take a look at some of her eye-popping designs in the gallery below.

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