We Present You Medal-Winning “Ninja Nan“

Image via Instagram

Ede Smith is 75–year–old, but a quiet and retiring lifestyle is not for her. After dealing with serious health issues like cervical cancer, she found her way out practicing karate and winning numerous karate medals.

Ede, a.k.a “Ninja nan“ has a goal to get a black belt in karate as soon as possible. Her grandkids think that she’s cool, but Ede refers to herself as a nutter. Despite her–criticizing opinion, Ede is very persistent to achieve her goal, and she’s fighting numerous obstacles every day to fulfill her wishes.

We got to have in mind that Ede’s physical condition doesn’t allow her to do all the martial–art tricks youngsters can do.

Ede is a great example of a person who doesn’t give up and who is going against the odds in the most difficult situations so that we can learn a lot from her.