Cut Paper Bubble-Covered Flowers and Ornate Animals Formed From Cut Paper by

    Image via bearfollowscat/Instagram

    Many people think that art requires plenty of expensive supplies and that it’s impossible to make art without special equipment. Pippa Dyrlaga proves them wrong with her paper cut works of art that are insanely beautiful and simplistic in terms of the instruments used.

    As you can guess, all Pippa uses is paper and cutting tools. Her inspiration comes from the world around her. “Most of the time one piece will lead to another, but I sometimes get an idea that I just want to try out, something I have been thinking of for a while,” the artist says. “I have always lived in quite inspiring and green places, filled with local wildlife and flora, and much of my inspiration stems from being outside and enjoying it, and feeling like a part of it.”

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    Bird tail feather detail . #paperart #feather #paperartist #cutpaper #handcut

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