Winston the Miniature Dachshund is One Happy Boy

With eyes as big as a Disney character and a playful character, it’s hard not to fall for Winston the miniature longhaired dachshund. A rising star on Instagram, Winston has some pet modeling experience and has collaborated with brands such as Edgard Cooper, Purplebone, and The Rockster.

“Winston is the most amazing creature in the world,” said Winston’s mom Ana, in an interview with helloBARK!. “He is kind, loving, smart and protective.” The popular pooch was also featured in The Times newspaper with over 100 people attending his first birthday party in Hyde Park, which is quite remarkable in and of its own.

According to Ana, dachshunds make for a wonderful pet, as the breed is known to being very loving and good with young children. “Once the family wakes up, Winston comes to us and asks to come to the bed to snooze some more (he doesn’t like to sleep on the bed in the night though, go figure),” she relays.

“After he is done with his morning beauty sleep, he has his breakfast and we go for a walk in the park,” she goes on to say. “The rest of the day is: siesta after the walk, wake, play, have dinner, do commands training with food from the family dinner, play some more, a quick walk around the block and signing off for the day.”

A life filled with naps and treats is something we can all aspire to.