Plan for Life After Lockdown with “Hobo with a Laptop”

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that desk-based workers don’t have to work from an office. In fact, they can work from anywhere in the world. Digital nomads have known this fact for years now, and according to experts, the nomad lifestyle will only grow stronger in a post-Covid world.

But how do you make the leap from office worker to nomad? According to Mike and Oshin from “Hobo with a Laptop”, it’s actually quite feasible if you take the right steps in advance.

Their brand, which includes a blog and Instagram page, provides resources for people who want to learn how to make money online from anywhere in the world, making traveling full time an actual option.

“Seize the opportunity to plan for life after lockdown, and piece together everything you need to embrace a digital nomad lifestyle when the smoke clears,” reads a message on their website.

“There’s more to be a digital nomad than meets the eye,” they admit, “Follow along with us as we walk you through how to make a reliable online income as a freelancer, make money with a blog, expand on popular digital nomad destinations, offer up our best travel hacks, and even help you get started with cryptocurrency.” Their online guides include “Living Well Under $1,500” and “Networking Tips”, so you know you’re covered.

Take the first steps towards a more fulfilled future: