Capturing the Essence of Italy in Watercolor: Kimberly Cammerata’s Paintings

Italian painter Kimberly Cammerata wants you to experience La Dolce Vita through her stunning original paintings and fine art prints, which capture the very essence of the epic regions of Italy. “In Italy life becomes epic,” explains Cammerata on her website. “Even a simple espresso in the piazza becomes an event.”

But though epic, there’s a sort of effortless charm in her watercolor landscapes that capture the sunny days and ancient towns of her birthplace. “Light and its effect on color is the essence of my work,” explains Cammerata. “The sunshine of Italy saturates and energizes everything it touches, making colors sing.”

According to Cammerata, it wasn’t until after she completed a degree in fine arts, with a strong grounding in art history, that she decided to paint exclusively in watercolors. “I felt they were better able to capture the interplay of color and light,” she explains.

“Each moment our senses are flooded with light and life,” she goes on to say. “I want to capture that radiance, that aliveness, and create a painting that makes you want to immerse yourself in it.”

Such scenes include a recent painting of Market Day in San Gimignano – a beautiful town in Tuscany known for its majestic medieval towers. Another painting overlooks the view of Florence, seen from Piazzale Michelangelo across the Arno river.

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